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United Church Housing/Mutchmor Lodge
is a charitable non-profit organization.
Please consider our facility when making your decision about who you are donating too.

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Photo caption: Doug Barss, United Church Housing Corporation, receives a $50K donation from Alison Stickland, Knox-Metropolitan United Church, Regina. With Doug is Bill Johnson, a member of both the UCHC board and Knox-Met United. Photo: Gary Seib
 Mutchmor Lodge, Hewitt Place receive $50K from Regina church in a ceremony held February 9 at Knox-Metropolitan United Church in Regina, Mutchmor Lodge and Hewitt Place received a gift of $50,000.
The $50K gift was part of the proceeds of a donation from Dr. Gerry Evenden. Knox-Metropolitan elected to share the endowment with other ministries affiliated with the United Church in Saskatchewan.
The United Church Housing Corporation (UCHC) of Regina built Mutchmor Lodge and Hewitt Place in the early ’60s to provide affordable living accommodation for seniors. In the 1990s, Mutchmor Lodge began to offer assisted living facilities, adding an additional 50 suites in 2005.
Carole Bryant, chair of the Knox-Met board, cited the growing number of seniors needing affordable housing and the ongoing costs of maintenance and upkeep as reasons for the downtown Regina church’s gift.
As the Evenden contribution was an unconditional gift to Knox-Met, the Regina church is passing on funds in the same spirit, wanting to make a significant impact on Mutchmor Lodge/Hewitt Place as it sees fit.
Eight United Churches in Regina sponsored the purchase of land to build the original 48-bed facility that opened in 1961. Mutchmor Lodge is named after the two United Church of Canada ministers who founded the UCHC: Reverends Harry and James Mutchmor.